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Last updated on: 2020-11-28 02:53:51 ET

Estimates generated using confirmed cases and testing data from The COVID Tracking Project. For county infection estimates, we use county case data from Johns Hopkins CSSE. For this project, we are nowcasting (what has happened/is happening) rather than forecasting (what will happen). See Youyang's blog for recommendations of forecasting models. We are working to put together a write-up of the methodology. You can download the raw estimates here.

Note #1: Due to the inherent lag in reporting of cases, we do not have estimates of infections for the last 14 days.
Note #2: These are merely estimates and are by no means definitive. They are fitted on US nationwide data, and thus are not tailored to each individual state. Please be sure to also consult other sources, such as serology studies.

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Population: 7,615,000