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Here we display a variety of US maps generated based on current data and our projections. All maps are updated daily.

Note that our future projections have a high degree of uncertainty which is not reflected in these maps. Please refer to our detailed projections to view our confidence intervals. Learn more about our assumptions and limitations here.

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C19Pro Score

We created the C19Pro Score for both cases and deaths to show where weekly cases and deaths are changing the most. They are shown in the first two maps below.

You can download historical C19Pro Scores here.

We created this score to try to encapsulate three important factors into a single number: absolute new daily cases (sheer number of cases), rate of change in cases (how fast cases are changing), cases per capita (prevalence relative to population).


C19Pro_Score = scaled(-sqrt(avg_daily_cases_per_1mil) * average(Δcases * |cases_%_change|, Δcases_per_1_mil))

Data Source

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