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Last updated on: 2020-10-06 18:14:53 ET

Final Update: 2020-10-05 was our last model update. This page will no longer be maintained. For more information, read Youyang Gu's blog post. Follow @youyanggu on Twitter for continued COVID-19 insights. Thank you for your support over the past year.

Europe: We assume a late-May reopening.

United Kingdom note: On August 17, UK revised their deaths downwards by over 5,000 from 46,791 to 41,454 deaths.

Disclaimer: Our projections are optimized for the United States. Please make sure to also consult your local health officials and experts. Read our full assumptions and limitations here.

Population: 67,530,172

Tests per day target by November 1: 217,708 (assumes 40% asymptomatic and 10 contacts tested per infection)